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 R. A. Salvatore

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PostSubject: R. A. Salvatore   Thu May 22, 2008 10:22 pm

As you all know my Favorite author is Salvatore, and here is a little background about him.

Robert Salvatore was born in Leominster, Massachusetts, the youngest of a family of seven. A graduate of Leominster High School, Salvatore has credited his high school English teacher with being instrumental in his development as a writer. During his time at Fitchburg State College, he became interested in fantasy after reading J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, given to him as a Christmas gift. He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications and later a Bachelor of Arts in English. Before taking up writing full time he worked as a bouncer.

In 1982 he started writing more seriously, developing a manuscript he titled Echoes of the Fourth Magic. He went on to publish several series of books in the Forgotten Realms campaign world, while lately his popularity surged due to his Demon Wars sagas and his two Star Wars books.

One of his most popular characters is Drizzt Do'Urden, a drow, or dark elf, portrayed against the stereotypes of his race, who defied a nation of evil enemies with his swordsmanship and courage. He abandoned the Underdark, a merciless and barren land of unmarked and limitless tunnels where deadly creatures continually lurk. His journey for freedom leads him to the surface where he faces discrimination at every turn because of his dark heritage. Drizzt stumbles along in a harsh world until he finally comes upon friends who understand the kindness of his heart. Together, they fight for justice against sinister enemies who dare to disrupt the peace of Drizzt's newfound homeland.

In addition to his novels, Salvatore wrote the story for the PS2, Xbox and PC video game Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone (2004), working with the design team at Stormfront Studios. The game was published by Atari and was nominated for awards by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and BAFTA. CDS books commissioned him to edit a four book series based on the interactive online Everquest game. He also wrote the bot chat lines for the Quake III bots. Currently, R.A. Salvatore is busy at work as Creative Director for 38 Studios, formerly named Green Monster Games, along with pitcher Curt Schilling and Spawn comic creator Todd McFarlane.

February 2008, Devil's Due Publishing published Spooks, a comic book about a U.S. government anti-paranormal investigator/task force created by Larry Hama and Salvatore. Hama created the military characters and plots, and Salvatore covered the monster characters.

He is noted for his intense and descriptive battle scenes which have been attributed to his history in boxing and his work as a bouncer.

In 2000, Salvatore's collected papers, including correspondence and unpublished works, were donated to his alma mater Fitchburg State College to create the 'R.A. Salvatore Collection.'

He and his wife Diane have three children: Bryan, Geno, and Caitlin. They also have three Japanese chins named Oliver, Artemis, and Ivan as well as four cats, one being named Guenhwyvar. His older brother, Gary Salvatore, died of pancreatic cancer in 2000.

There you have some info On R. A. Salvatore !

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PostSubject: Re: R. A. Salvatore   Thu May 22, 2008 10:27 pm

A list of his work

Forgotten Realms

The Icewind Dale Trilogy

* The Crystal Shard (1988) (Between 1351DR and 1356DR)
* Streams of Silver (1989) (1356DR)
* The Halfling's Gem (1990) (Between 1356DR and 1357DR)

The Dark Elf Trilogy

* Homeland (1990) (Between 1297DR and 1328DR)
* Exile (1990) (Between 1338DR and 1340DR)
* Sojourn (1991) (Between 1340DR and 1347DR)

Legacy of the Drow

* The Legacy (1992) (1357DR)
* Starless Night (1993) (1357DR)
* Siege of Darkness (1994) (1358DR)
* Passage to Dawn (1996) (1364DR)

Paths of Darkness

* The Silent Blade (1998) (1364DR)
* The Spine of the World (1999) (Between 1365DR and 1369DR)
* Servant of the Shard (2000) (1366DR) - Now in The Sellswords Trilogy
* Sea of Swords (2001) (Between 1369DR and 1370DR)

The Cleric Quintet

* Canticle (1991) (1361DR)
* In Sylvan Shadows (1992) (1361DR)
* Night Masks (1992) (1361DR)
* The Fallen Fortress (1993) (Between 1361DR and 1362DR)
* The Chaos Curse (1994) (1362DR)

The Hunter's Blades Trilogy

* The Thousand Orcs (2002) (1370DR)
* The Lone Drow (2003) (1370DR)
* The Two Swords (2004) (Between 1370DR and 1371DR)

The Sellswords

* Servant of the Shard (2000) (1366DR)
* The Promise of the Witch King (2005) (1370DR)
* Road of the Patriarch (2006) (Between 1370DR and 1371DR)


* The Orc King (September 2007) (1371DR and 1471DR-prologue and epilogue)
* The Pirate King (October 2008)
* The Ghost King (October 2009)

War of the Spider Queen

* Dissolution (written by Richard Lee Byers) (2002) (1372DR)
* Insurrection (written by Thomas M. Reid) (2002) (1372DR)
* Condemnation (written by Richard Baker) (2003) (1372DR)
* Extinction (written by Lisa Smedman) (2004) (1372DR)
* Annihilation (written by Philip Athans) (2004) (1372DR)
* Resurrection (written by Paul S. Kemp) (2005) (1372DR)

The Spearwielder's Tales

* The Woods Out Back (1993)
* The Dragon's Dagger (1994)
* Dragonslayer's Return (1995)

Saga of the First King

* The Highwayman (2004)
* The Ancient (2008)

The DemonWars Saga

* The Demon Awakens (1997)
* The Demon Spirit (1998)
* The Demon Apostle (1999)

* Mortalis (2000)
* Ascendance (2001)
* Transcendence (2001)
* Immortalis (2003)
* Nero (2009)

Chronicles of Ynis Aielle

* Echoes of the Fourth Magic (1990)
* The Witch's Daughter (1991)
* Bastion of Darkness (2000)

Crimson Shadow series

* The Sword of Bedwyr (1994)
* Luthien's Gamble (1996)
* The Dragon King (1996)

Star Wars

* Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (film novelization) (2002)

Star Wars: The New Jedi Order

* Vector Prime (2000)

Graphic Novel Adaptations

* Homeland
* Exile
* Sojourn
* The Crystal Shard
* Streams of Silver
* Trial by Fire (2001)
* The Halfling's Gem
* Eye for an Eye

Other novels

* Tarzan: The Epic Adventures.

Short Stories

* The First Notch Dragon Magazine #152 (1989)
* A Sparkle for Homer Halflings, Hobbits, Warrows, and Weefolk (1991)
* Dark Mirror (short story) Realms of Valor Feb (1993)
* The Third Level Realms of Infamy (1994)
* Guenhwyvar Realms of Magic (1995)
* The Coach With Big Teeth Otherwere (1996)
* Gods' Law Tales of Tethedril (1998)
* Mather's Blood Dragon Magazine #252 (1998)
* That Curious Sword Realms of Shadow (2002)
* Three Ships Demons Wars: Trial By Fire Comic TP (2003)
* Empty Joys The Best of the Realms (2003)
* The Dowry The Highwayman (2004)
* Wickless In the Nether Realms of Dragons (2004)
* Comrades at Odds Realms of the Elves (2006)
* If Ever They Happen Upon My Lair Dragons: World Afire (2006)
* Spooks with Larry Hama (2008)

Other media

* The Accursed Tower A 2nd Edition AD&D Module
* Demon Stone Role-playing Game released on PS2, Xbox, and PC
* In collaboration with Seven Swords, R A Salvatore created the bot chat responses for the computer game Quake 3 Arena

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PostSubject: Re: R. A. Salvatore   Thu May 22, 2008 10:35 pm

here is a random fact

As the author tasked with writing the first book of the New Jedi Order series, Salvatore was ordered by Lucasfilm to kill off Chewbacca, one of the most popular characters in the franchise. Many fans thought that Salvatore himself had made this decision, but it was actually Randy Stradley, the then-editor at Dark Horse Comics

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PostSubject: Re: R. A. Salvatore   Fri May 23, 2008 3:23 pm

I've only read about 18 of those books. I thought I'd read more of his, but I guess not.
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PostSubject: Re: R. A. Salvatore   Fri May 23, 2008 10:07 pm

i'm working on all his work so far i have gone through like 4

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PostSubject: Re: R. A. Salvatore   Sat May 24, 2008 8:32 am

Picking a favorite author is really difficult. I've read so many books over the years that picking just one is damn near impossible. For the sake of nostalgia, I'm going to say that my favorite author is Margaret Weis. I've stricken through the books I've read.



* Chronicles:
1. Dragons of Autumn Twilight1 (1984)
2. Dragons of Winter Night1 (1985)
3. Dragons of Spring Dawning1 (1985)
4. Dragons of Summer Flame1 (1996)

* Legends:
1. Time of the Twins1 (1986)
2. War of the Twins1 (1986)
3. Test of the Twins1 (1986)

* The Second Generation1 (1995)

* Kang's Regiment:
1. The Doom Brigade˛ (1996)
2. Draconian Measures˛ (2000)

* The Raistlin Chronicles:
1. The Soulforge (1998)
2. Brothers in Arms˛ (1999)

* The War of Souls:
1. Dragons of a Fallen Sun1 (2000) (Winner of the 2000 Origins Award for Best Game-Related Novel [5])
2. Dragons of a Lost Star1 (2001)
3. Dragons of a Vanished Moon1 (2002)

* The Dark Disciple:
1. Amber and Ashes (2004)
2. Amber and Iron (2006)
3. Amber and Blood (Estimated May 2008 by Waterstones and the US firm Mr. Paperback)

* The Lost Chronicles:
1. Dragons of the Dwarven Depths1 (2006)
2. Dragons of the Highlord Skies1 (2007)
3. Dragons of the Hourglass Mage1 (On hold until issues between Wizards of the Coast and Weis & Hickman are resolved)[6]

1 (co-author Tracy Hickman)
˛ (co-author Don Perrin)

Endless Quest

1. The Endless Catacombs (1984)


(co-author Tracy Hickman)

1. Forging the Darksword (1987)
2. Doom of the Darksword (1988)
3. Triumph of the Darksword (1988)
4. Legacy of the Darksword (1997)

Rose of the Prophet

(co-author Tracy Hickman)

1. The Will of the Wanderer (1988)
2. Paladin of the Night (1989)
3. The Prophet of Akhran (1989)

Star of the Guardians

Main article: Star of the Guardians

1. The Lost King (1990)
2. King's Test (1991)
3. King's Sacrifice (1991)
4. Ghost Legion (1993)

The Death Gate Cycle

(co-author Tracy Hickman)

1. Dragon Wing (1990)
2. Elven Star (1991)
3. Fire Sea (1992)
4. Serpent Mage (1993)
5. The Hand of Chaos (1993)
6. Into the Labyrinth (1994)
7. The Seventh Gate (1995)

Mag Force 7

(co-author Don Perrin)

1. The Knights of the Black Earth (1995)
2. Robot Blues (1996)
3. Hung Out (1997)


(co-author Tracy Hickman)

1. Starshield: Sentinels (1996)
2. Nightsword (1998)

Dragon's Disciple

(co-author David Baldwin, her son)

1. Dark Heart (1998)

Sovereign Stone

(co-author Tracy Hickman)

1. Well of Darkness (2000)
2. Guardians of the Lost (2001)
3. Journey into the Void (2003)


1. Mistress of Dragons (2003)
2. The Dragon's Son (2004)
3. Master of Dragons (2005)
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PostSubject: Re: R. A. Salvatore   

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R. A. Salvatore
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